Possible Ways to Destruct a Used Data Drive

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Data Destruction Services in USA The clearing is often referred to as formatting and means erasing all data and starting over.

You must delete or permanently erase your data from your hard drive before you process, transfer or resell it. Why is it crucial to wipe a used drive? For most people, the first thing that comes to mind when erasing an external hard drive is to format it.
However, formatting does not remove the data from a disk completely. It simply makes it a lot harder to recover, but it is still recoverable. In short, if you keep confidential data on a hard drive, formatting it isn't secure enough when disposing of the data.

Fortunately, there are multiple ways to securely wipe the hard drive. Here is why you must delete everything on a hard drive: To prevent identity theft: Identity theft is when someone steals personally identifiable information and uses it for malicious or other selfish ends, usually a fraud.
For instance, the identity thief could use your information to apply for credit or access medical services. Ultimately your reputation is what suffers most when this happens. To prevent a possible data breach: A data breach happens when confidential information is accessed without authorization from the owner.

In other words, if your trade secrets, personally identifiable information, or other proprietary data falls into the wrong hands, your data has been breached. Besides the loss of trust from your clients, you may suffer severe financial penalties for such a breach. Wiping your old external hard drives eliminates this risk.
To protect your business's reputation: When sensitive information about your business falls into unscrupulous hands, your reputation is likely to suffer. It may take years to recover and for some businesses, you may never recover at all. Wiping old hard drives puts your mind at ease knowing that your business's reputation is always intact.

To comply with data protection laws and government regulations: In most jurisdictions around the world, businesses, organizations, and other agencies that collect user information are mandated to protect it. Securely wiping your hard drives before retiring them is a sure way to comply with these regulations.
Wiping or formatting your external hard drive can also make it possible for you to switch to a different file system type. Why can't I just delete my files? When you simply delete files on traditional hard drives your jasa olah data isn't being removed.

However, your computer marks the space it occupies as “available.” Then, third-party data recovery sites can acquire your deleted data. Two good reasons are deleting a file doesn't delete it completely: 1. This measure allows you to recover files you may have deleted by mistake.

2. It's faster and more efficient to delete a file entry rather than deleting the whole file. Deleting data from modern internal hard drives is a bit different. After you delete a file, a TRIM command removes all references to that file from your computer.

However, TRIM doesn't work on external hard drives though. To wipe data from an external hard drive, you can use the formatting features from the Windows and Mac operating systems. This method works for some users, but it's not a fail-safe option. Some data recovery tools can still get around it.
Another option is to use a dedicated secure data deletion software. We'll give you plenty of examples of these below. Does the factory reset remove all the data? Factory resets aren't the perfect way to protect sensitive data.

For one thing, they don't delete everything on your hard drive. Factory resets can't erase hard drive data, they only make it so that the operating system can no longer access the data. There are many software options for restoring data your system can no longer be accessible after a factory reset.
Many people accidentally delete important documents or photos while performing a factory reset. When this happens, the data can easily be restored with the proper software. Therefore, a factory reset isn't a very safe way to permanently delete data from your hard drive.

2 Ways to Wipe an External Hard Drive: #1 Destroy the Drive Physically This is the simplest DIY method to do away with an old external hard drive. You can use a hammer to smash it or use a heavyweight to crush the drive.

You can set it on fire or shred it to bits. Another physical option is to use powerful magnets to damage the drive. That said, you must realize that in some instances, data can be retrieved from a physically damaged hard drive using advanced and sophisticated tools.

So, DIY physical destruction is not a foolproof method to wipe a hard drive. #2 Enlist a Professional Data Wiping Service The surest and most secure way to wipe an external hard drive is by enlisting the services of a professional data destruction company.

In Conclusion, the hard drive is the most delicate source of data. Destructing a hard drive becomes necessary when you don’t want the misuse of your data. To avoid such instances hire a professional to conduct onsite data destruction.

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