10 Tips For Your Destination Wedding Which Your Guest Will Never Forget

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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Be Flexible Offer your guests a choice of accommodation. While it would be nice for everyone to stay at wedding resort your guests may have different budget or space requirements.

Get them Excited Send guests something related to your wedding a month before they leave. It could be a postcard, guidebook or map, or something the region is famous for, like a bottle of red wine. Go Online Keep your guests up to date with a good wedding website.
Include your wedding schedule, details about accommodation and transfers, links to local attractions, and weather information. Transfer with a Difference If you're arranging a coach or minibus transfer from the airport to the hotel for your guests, let your wedding planner book one with a tour guide to make the journey fun and interesting.

Give them a Warm Welcome Wherever your guests are staying it is a nice touch to have a welcome pack waiting for them. This can include bottles of water and snacks, local maps, printed information about your wedding, and anything else you think they may appreciate like contact numbers for you or your wedding planner.
Arrange a meet and greet Host a relaxed dinner or lunch the day before your wedding to give everyone the chance to meet and mingle. It will make your wedding more cohesive and enjoyable if your guests are familiar and comfortable with each other.

Suggest excursions You don't have to entertain your guests every minute of their stay – in fact, they would probably prefer if you gave them free time – but ask your wedding planner to suggest activities you think they would particularly enjoy.
Consider the Weather Think about your guests' comfort during your ceremony and reception with touches like ice-cold bottles of water and fans for them at an outdoor summer ceremony, flip-flops for female guests to walk on the sand, and shawls draped over chairs at winter weddings.

Involve them If you only have a handful of guests why not ask them each to make their own vow to the bride and groom during the ceremony. Larger parties can be taught to dance La Tarantella, or you can arrange a wine or cheese tasting session as part of your meet-and-greet activities.
Favourite Favours Sugared almonds are a traditional Italian wedding favour and should only ever be given in odd numbers.

Attach them to bottles of limoncello, if you're marrying in the south of Italy, or grappa if you're tying the knot in the Italian Lakes. Simple, considerate touches such as these will give your guests the time of their lives! I am absolutely passionate about what I do, and Maurizio and I take the responsibility of managing other people’s dreams of very, very seriously.

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